MESURA Peratallada Castle: a historic and artistic heritage site


Salva Lopez,


Architecture and landscape. In this project MESURA of Spain landscapes the garden at Peratallada castle, a historic and artistic heritage site of national importance. Concrete and white travertine encounter the medieval Peratallada Castle in Catalonia.

MESURA Peratallada Castle: a historic and artistic heritage site

Peratallada castle and the nearby medieval hamlet in Baix Empordà, Catalonia were recently declared a historic, artistic and cultural heritage site of national interest. Peratallada castle is actually a private home, and Spanish architects MESURA were appointed to landscape its gardens.

The differences in elevation of the garden form three main levels, while a century-old acacia tree dominates the whole garden. Saving the tree, which MESURA used as the key around which to plan the whole project, was the most important point in the landscaping project.

The key strategy was covering the surfaces with white Turkish travertine recovered from waste heaps at a nearby quarry. The pieces of travertine measure 7 to 15 cm and had to be designed and cut to fit together to cover the entire garden. The operation permitted installation of practically invisible light fixtures.

The focus of the whole project is the pool: a sheet of water in constant motion creating reflections and sounds to give the garden a magical atmosphere. Water from the pool drops into a channel and down to a nine metre deep well in the stone, which also collects rainwater from the roofs and the garden, making the entire pool and irrigation system self-sufficient.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Peratallada, Baix Empordà, Catalonia, Spain
Year: 2015
Project: MESURA
Assistant: Dr. Joan Albert Adell
Photos: Salva Lopez