Making Space For Possibilities exhibition, PPAG architects, Aedes, Berlin

PPAG architects,

Berlin, Germany,


The architects of PPAG take a brave, unbiased look at architecture and urban development in an attempt to find an alternative path that responds to today’s global challenges. In the exhibition underway at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, their incessant search for the "space of possibilities" of architecture aims to show the general public a possible direction for development of the built environment to bring a better life and future for all.

Making Space For Possibilities exhibition, PPAG architects, Aedes, Berlin

"Space influences us and we influence space" is the key principle behind the exhibition underway at Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin until 13 January 2022, focusing on the work of PPAG architects.
Beginning with a disenchanted, unbiased, brave look at architecture and urban development today, the architects of PPAG seek alternative paths in line with today’s global challenges. In the exhibition now open in Berlin, their incessant search for the "space of possibilities" of architecture attempts to show a broader audience, consisting not only of professionals, the direction in which the built environment could evolve to bring a better life and future for all.
The Berlin gallery itself becomes a "space of possibilities" which the architects explore, presenting a broad range of the studio’s projects in the form of sketches, models, films and full-scale details.
The current exhibition is the second one PPAG has held at the Aedes Architecture Forum. In the studio’s first exhibition in 2017/18, titled "Do You Really Want to Live Like Your Mother?", the architects addressed the theme of housing, still a factor of key importance in the policies in today’s cities. In this second exhibition, everything revolves around the demand for quality, beauty and sophistication: a requirement that cannot easily be satisfied in a standardised, globalised world, where decisions are made on the basis of the market economy rather than human well-being.
Beginning with the key concept behind the exhibition, "Space influences us and we influence space", the founders of PPAG, Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka, embrace a thesis that is as simple as it is revolutionary: they are deeply convinced that a society must always choose good architecture, with no compromises, because the quality of architecture has positive repercussions not only for our built heritage but for society itself.
Forty of the studio’s projects were selected for the exhibition, both built and unbuilt, with the intention of not simply showcasing PPAG architects’ work but casting light on the issue of what is possible and what could be possible. In the gallery and the outdoor courtyard, studio PPAG presents the different atmospheres that can be created with architecture, focusing visitors’ attention on the impact of architecture on people’s lives and everyday activities.
The studio’s projects selected for the exhibition include the new Längenfeldgasse Primary and Vocational School in Vienna; Urban Living, a building designed as an urban neighbourhood proposing new ways of living together in Berlin-Neukölln; and Steirereck am Pogusch inn and restaurant in Styria, in the Austrian Alps, where the architects of PPAG designed not only the expansion but a number of items of furniture and finishes, such as 3D printed sinks, offering visitors an unusual form of mountain living.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Aedes Architecture Forum

Exhibition Name: MAKING SPACE FOR POSSIBILITIES - PPAG architects, Vienna/Berlin
Location: Aedes Architecture Forum, Christinenstr. 18-19 - 10119 Berlin
Exhibition Date: 20 November – 13 January 2022
Opening: Friday, 19 November 2021, 6.30pm
Opening Hours
Tue–Fri 11am–6.30pm
Sun–Mon 1–5pm
Sat, 20 November 2021, 1–5pm

01, 03-09 - Aedes Exhibition View Making Space for Possibilities PPAG architects © Marco van Oel
02 - Elastische Wohnung Wiesenschlag Berlin, 2015 © PPAG architects
10 - Stadtebau Wohnbau Althanquartier Wien 2018 © PPAG-architects
11 - Fassade, Parkhaus Skopje,Nordmazedonien, 2013 © Darko Hristov
12 -Kielstegdecke, Steirereck am Pogusch, 2021 © PPAG architects


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