Lights by Davide Groppi for Hotel N'Orma

Davide Groppi,

Fausto Mazza,



Davide Groppi,

Davide Groppi is a light designer who works like an artist. In positioning lights, choosing forms and orientation, he creates portraits and plastic atmospheres that he then describes with words verging on poetry. Hotel N'Orma in Sicily is one of his projects.

Lights by Davide Groppi for Hotel N'Orma

"N'Orma is a little hotel in Sicily. It is a place in which opposites, or what people think of as opposites, co-exist wonderfully.". This is the quote that Davide Groppi, light designer, sent to floornature.com to describe his project. "It is the magic of minimalist lines that combine with the warmth of a family sitting around a fire. It is being isolated, but having a window looking out onto the world. It is waiting to arrive and the mystery of not knowing where you are. ".

His work for N'Orma creates a gentle atmosphere, managing to make even the rock walls of the rural building that houses the hotel seem soft. Fine, essential, elegant design change the appearance of a Sicilian farm building, lost in contemplation of itself.

"It’s like meeting someone without preconceptions. Sharing space and time. Talking and listening, far removed from convention, free to be what you are. It’s like an unstable building, dark and abandoned that maintains its history and character even when it is transformed. You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend, ", concludes the architect of this project dedicated to the poetry of light.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicily, Italia
Year 2015
Architect: Patrizia Sbalchiero
Lighting: Davide Groppi
Photos: Fausto Mazza