Lecture by Guido Canali in Parma



To end the event organised by the architects' firm Canali Associati, Architetture tra Lombardia, Emilia e Toscana (Architecture in Lombardy, Emilia and Tuscany), the architect Guido Canali will hold a lecture in the Farnese Theatre in Parma, a suggestive frame for a cultural project that has brought Good Architecture to a mixed public, not limited simply to experts in the know.

Lecture by Guido Canali in Parma

The “good architecture” present in Italian cities and in the Italian countryside is not always noted; compared with the background of buildings with no particular merits, Contemporary Architecture remains a stranger for most people. Getting a broad and mixed public to approach architecture is a need felt also in other countries. The French government, for example, is implementing its Stratégie nationale pour l’architecture” and in November the “Première Journée Nationale de l’Architecture dans les Classes” will take place, addressing students. In Italy, on the other hand, everything is entrusted to organisation by individuals or groups having an interest in the subject. This is the case of the excellent action by the Ordine degli Architetti PPC (Architects' Association) of the province of Parma: “Canali associati. Architetture tra Lombardia, Emilia e Toscana (Architecture in Lombardy, Emilia and Tuscany) ”, aimed at getting even the non-experts “ to know one of the main players of the Italian architectural culture of the last fifty years” as highlighted in the explanation for the ANCE-IN/ARCH 2014 award.
The cultural programme started in September with the exhibition of recent architectural works by Canali's firm, the Round Table with professionals from the world of architecture and art (Guido Canali, Claudia Conforti, Federico Bucci, Andrea Zamboni, Paolo Barbaro, Franco Guerzoni, Alessandro Tassi-Carboni and Carlo Arturo Quintavalle); and Gite di Architettura (Excursions into architecture). An experience in Lombardy, Emilia and Tuscany for a direct contact with the architectural works designed by Canali's firm: the headquarters of Prada, Pinko and Smeg, the Statue Stele Museum in Pontremoli, the Museum of the Duomo and the Parco Vittoria residential centre in the Portello area in Milan.

The final event, that is to say the lecture by the architect Guido Canali, will take place on 22nd October surrounded by the suggestive architecture of the Farnese Theatre in Parma.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Ordine Architetti PPC Parma


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