INNOCAD Architectural Fashion exhibition at Architektur Galerie Berlin


Berlin, Germany,


Architektur Galerie Berlin,

The exhibition opening at Architektur Galerie in Berlin on March 11 2016 will be more than just a display of projects. “ Architectural Fashion” will draw the public’s attention to the modus operandi of INNOCAD architectural practice, based on a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach.

INNOCAD Architectural Fashion exhibition at Architektur Galerie Berlin

On March 11 Architektur Galerie in Berlin inaugurates an exhibition entitled Architectural Fashion about the work of INNOCAD, an architectural practice founded in 1999 by architects Martin Lesjak and Peter Schwaiger.
The architects of INNOCAD created an innovative installation responding to the problem of how to transfer the experience of real, three-dimensional architectural projects to the public in the artificial context of an exhibition space and two-dimensional media.
On the basis of the consideration that the architectural object cannot by nature be exhibited, “Architectural Fashion” draws the public’s attention to the architects’ modus operandi based on a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach to design.
Young fashion designer Sabrina Stadlober was invited to work with 13&9 design, the brand resulting from the architect Martin Lesjake’s partnership with INNOCAD and designer Anastasia Su. The stylist came up with three creations interpreting the studio’s architecture, interior design and product design projects.
A manikin with a screen presenting the project is associated with each installation, complete with soundscapes created for the purpose by Martin Lesjak and Severin Su, sound designer for 13&9 design. The soundscapes blend into a single composition which visitors can hear when observing the projects from a certain distance.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: INNOCAD - Architectural Fashion
Dates: March 11 – April 23 2016
Location: Architektur Galerie Berlin, Germany

Images courtesy of Architektur Galerie Berlin – photo by Paul Ott