Indoor pollution: information and prevention

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Elisir di Salute magazine and Graniti Fiandre have organised a convention intended primarily for design professionals, physicians and the media to increase awareness of an important but often ignored aspect of pollution: indoor pollution.

Indoor pollution: information and prevention People read the labels on food products and worry about environmental pollution outside (outdoor pollution) every day, but consumers and the industry that produces the materials used indoors (in homes, offices, gyms, schools, etc.) are not equally aware of the pollution that they can cause, to which people are directly exposed all day. The issue of indoor pollution was addressed by Francesco Violante, director of the Occupational Medicine Unit at Bologna University, and Claudio Caprara, Chairman of Elisir di Salute, at the convention entitled "Indoor pollution: information and prevention" held on January 21 at Poliambulatorio Airone, a clinic in Bologna. The meeting was attended by Graziano Verdi, Chairman and Managing Director of GranitiFiandre and Managing Director of Iris Ceramica, and Antonella Tucci, a scientific researcher who worked with GranitiFiandre on ACTIVE. The Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ method was presented during the session  “These are materials which may be used in buildings and street furnishings, – explained Verdi, – which help create a better environment thanks to photocatalysis generated by ceramic tiles containing titanium dioxide”. ACTIVE makes a concrete contribution to improving the quality of indoor spaces, and Italian and American laboratories have proven that titanium dioxide, when irradiated by sunlight or artificial light of the appropriate wavelength, triggers a chemical reaction which purifies the air of organic and inorganic pollutants, oxidising them and rendering them innocuous.