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Humberto Hermeto


Founded in 1996, the office has worked on several projects in different scales.
The office try to work with a wide range of collaborators to enhance the dialogue and consequently the results.
Located in Belo Horizonte, it has projects in different brazilian states.

Main projects

1997 – Praça da Bandeira (Bandeira´s Square) – National Competition – 1st prize (Belo Horizonte)
2001 – COHAB Headquarters – National Competition – 1st prize (Belo Horizonte)
2003 – CREA/ES Headquarters – National Competition – 1st prize (Vitória)
2005 – Villa Rizza (Belo Horizonte)
2005 – Minas Gerais´ Symphonic Orchestra Main Building – National Competition – 1st prize (Belo Horizonte)
2006 – HD House (Nova Lima)
2006 – BF House (Nova Lima)
2008 – “Fábrica” Cultural Center (Ouro Preto)
2008 – V&M Sports Facilities (Belo Horizonte)
2008 – BA House (Nova Lima)
2009 – AL House (Recife)
2010 – W Work Center – Offices Building (Belo Horizonte)
2010 – RM House (Nova Lima)
2010 – Minas Gerais Memorial (Belo Horizonte)

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