Eco-social designer Luca Gnizio at FAB Milano

Paolo Schianchi,


FAB Architectural Bureau, Luca Gnizio,

FAB Architectural Bureau, the exhibition space and showroom operated by the Fiandre and Porcelaingres brands, hosted the last event in the OneNight series presented by the Floornature team. GranitiFiandre ceramic tiles became pedestals exhibiting works by eco-social designer Luca Gnizio, the star of the evening.

Eco-social designer Luca Gnizio at FAB Milano

At the last OneNight event organized by the Floornature team, FAB Architectural Bureau in Milan presented an installation made up of a few highly significant elements: pedestals made of GranitiFiandre ceramic tiles, with a large light fixture suspended from the ceiling made up of spotlights to enhance the works on exhibit by eco-social designer Luca Gnizio.

The exhibition space and showroom of the Fiandre and Porcelaingres brands exhibited a selection of objects designed by Luca Gnizio including the Fordesert armchair, a skeleton of metal strips covered with nylon filaments for tyres. The work, a protest against the progressive desertification of the earth, captured visitors’ attention immediately.
On exhibit, suspended from the ceiling at FAB, were samples of recycled carbon fibre fabrics used to make the Escape armchair for BMW. Luca Gnizio also presented the Italian premiere of an experimental material named "ForChrystalsoul", another project developed for the German automobile manufacturer. Inclusion of recycled carbon fibre in crystal creates effects of transparency and reflections, in a product which is created in an industrial process but in which the nature of the fabric creates unique items such as the washbasin-bowls or paperweights on exhibit at FAB.

Luca Gnizio’s philosophy of design emerged during the meeting with Floornature editor Paolo Schianchi and Marie Claire editor Antonio Mancinelli: recovering scrap products and using them, with no further processing, to make these “valuable wastes” (R. Dalisi) into innovative products made in collaboration with associations for the disadvantaged, and thereby responding to the growing demand for ethical, conscientious design as well as reduced environmental impact.

(Agnese Bifulco)


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