Discovering the new ICG London Gallery



Iris Ceramica Group, Clerkenwell Design Week,

During the Clerkenwell Design Week, the Iris Ceramica Group presented the recent transformation of its London showroom, evolving into the ICG Gallery. A place that goes beyond the simple display of surfaces, becoming a tangible expression of the values that guide the Group: innovation for cutting-edge solutions, attention to detail for excellent quality and a sustainable vision. A place that, like a contemporary art gallery, is immersive, interactive, technological and engaging.

Discovering the new ICG London Gallery

The new ICG Gallery in London goes beyond the concept of a simple showroom for the high-end ceramic surfaces created by the Iris Ceramica Group. It is a place that offers an engaging and stimulating experience, where visitors can discover first-hand the material and values of the Group, both in tangible and virtual form. During the prestigious Clerkenwell Design Week, the ICG London Gallery has become an oasis of innovation and creativity in the heart of London.

The immersive experience begins as early as the gallery's exterior, where the movement of passers-by in front of the windows is transformed into a virtual rain reminiscent of water that produces green hydrogen, the precious energy resource used in the Group's new H2 Factory. Visitors are thus directly engaged and invited to dialogue with the installations, rather than simply observe them, as well as to step into the Gallery to discover even more innovations.

On the ground floor, a world created with augmented reality greets gallery visitors, and an intuitive app allows them to directly experience the benefits of the Group's eco-active Active Surfaces®. On the upper floor, the Material Gallery offers a journey through matter, allowing visitors to explore textures, formats and thicknesses that become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers. In addition, they can test the latest innovative magnetic laying solution developed by the Group, called "ATTRACT. Smart living goes magnetic".

On the -1 floor, instead, the comfort lounge welcomes visitors in a sophisticated space, where they can discover continuous decorative inspirations, design applications, touch surfaces for home automation, custom furniture and smart solutions from an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) perspective created with the ceramic surfaces of the Group's brands.

During the Clerkenwell Design Week, the ICG London Gallery hosted a series of activities and initiatives aimed at capturing the attention of industry professionals and design enthusiasts. A sensory installation called "Edible Clouds" allowed visitors to discover the production cycle based on green hydrogen, used to create the Group's sustainable ceramic surfaces. Through an engaging narration, visitors experienced first-hand the magic of the "Cloud to Cloud" circular transformation, creating a product using a mixture of water and flour, a bread intended as a metaphor for ceramics made of earth and water.

The ICG Gallery has become a reference point for architecture and design enthusiasts thanks to its interactive approach, where art and technology come together to create an immersive and stimulating experience. A place where innovation, attention to detail and sustainability come together, resulting in cutting-edge solutions in the sector of ceramic surfaces for architecture.

(Agnese Bifulco)


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