Designing a home like a car

Australia, Sydney,

Sport & Wellness, Landscape,

The project was created using parametric modelling software. The architects created a dynamic model that would respond to changes in a number of variables and worked in stages to come up with a model that met all the established requirements.

Designing a home like a car The spatial fluidity of the Moebius house designed by Tony Owen Partners is a direct consequence of its strong relationship with its surroundings. The building overlooks the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and has a unique form designed to preserve visual and lighting corridors. The home’s complex geometry and reduced tolerances meant that the architects had to work with a new design system similar to the one used to design automobiles. The home is a study in what is commonly called “micro design”, using parametric modelling software to take into account even the tiniest variations in the design criteria and the established requirements in order to achieve final definition of the model to be built.

by Agnese Bifulco

Design: Tony Owen Partners
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photographs: Tony Owen Partners