Conscious architecture, appropriate architecture

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The fourth edition of the convention held by SanMarco is coming up on March 16 in Perugia, addressing 5 different themes.

Conscious architecture, appropriate architecture
The convention coming up in Perugia on March 16 offers an opportunity to reflect on the potential of architecture in relation to land resources and construction materials.  
The organisers have identified five themes: “The Material of Landscape”, “New and Old”, “Nature and Landscape”, “Inhabiting Places” and “Idioms of the Contemporary”, which will be discussed by the architects invited to speak at the convention: Paolo Luccioni, Andrea Bruno, Enrico Molteni, Andrea Liverani and Laura Zampieri, 5+1AA, with Marcello Balzani, editor of Paesaggio Urbano, as moderator.

The “Conscious architecture, appropriate architecture” series debates contemporary architectural design and the people involved in it in order to give meaning to actions and attribute responsibility to design choices so as to build a form of architecture which is conscious and therefore appropriate.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Conscious architecture, appropriate architecture
Date: March 16 2012
Location: Perugia, Italy
Illustrations: Courtesy of SanMarco



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