From natural stone to high-tech ceramics: the timeless look of Amazonite and Emperador

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Inspired by the most prestigious marbles and precious stones, FMG’s Marmi Maxfine range of high-tech ceramics is now expanded with the addition of Amazonite and Emperador, new collections sharing a bold visual impact and an impressive wealth of detail. The two ceramic collections are perfect for covering both floors and walls, and for use in furnishings, with their ability to add atmosphere to residential and retail spaces alike

From natural stone to high-tech ceramics: the timeless look of Amazonite and Emperador
Materials present in nature are an ongoing source of inspiration for creation of top quality high-tech ceramics.
We can now make natural stones offering very high technical and aesthetic performance using construction processes reminiscent of mechanisms and features present in nature: pressure and fire.
This is made possible by a process of acceleration of geological eras, using very high compacting pressure at temperatures even higher than in a volcano (more than 1300°C, as compared to 1100°C).
This procedure takes place without compromising the environment from which the raw materials (sand, clay and minerals) are obtained, thanks to conscientious choices and sustainable business practices.
The look of natural stone thus becomes the new frontier of design for contemporary coverings.
The originality of their textures, colours and veins adds to the quality of marbles, precious stones and rare minerals produced in this way, as made clear by the new FMG marble effect collections, Amazonite and Emperador.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has been producing natural marble, granite, travertine and stone since 1998, preserving the appearance of quarried stone while improving the materials’ technical performance.
One of the outstanding properties of contemporary high-tech ceramic surfaces is the elimination of potential defects present in the original materials, such as cracks, porosity, flaking, air bubbles and variations in hue.
FMG’s technological processes make it possible to reinterpret a number of morphological features of the natural material, such as non-repetitiveness, calibration and three-dimensional qualities.
The careful selection and purity of the raw materials used guarantee all the recognised and certified properties of high-tech ceramic: physical and chemical resistance, non-absorbency, reduced thickness and reliability of samples.
Emperador is a new marble effect collection from FMG reinterpreting one of the best-known, most elegant types of Spanish marble.
The surface has a dark brown background, with dense veining of varying intensity in hues ranging from cream to hazelnut.
The slab conveys a sensation of character and refinement with a bold visual impact, making it particularly suitable for covering both vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and outdoors. 
Like other products in the Marmi Maxfine line, Emperador is perfect for use as an important item of furniture on demand, which can be used to make tables, partition walls, flush-mounted doors, cabinets, wardrobes and kitchen countertops for use in the home and in the retail and contract industries.
Its glossy finish sets off the maxi-slab particularly well, emphasising all the charm of the natural material.
Emperador is available in 300x150 and 150x150 cm maxi-slabs, as well as sub-multiples of these sizes, as thin as 6 mm.
The new Amazonite high-tech ceramic surface is inspired by the rare mineral that gives it its name.
"Considered the “stone of hope”" by the Egyptians, it is characterised by crystalline veins against a turquoise green background, with an overall effect recalling the sea bed.
The veins create a multicoloured pattern with stripes of colour ranging "from brown to peach, with hints of white and grey".
Its fascinating aesthetic qualities bring to mind a pleasing sensation of balance and harmony, and in fact this stone has been considered a talisman since time immemorial.
This new surface in FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s Marmi MaxFine collection is suitable for use in a wide range of different spaces: in the home, the contract industry and hospitality, where it looks perfect in the bathroom, sauna or swimming pool.
Amazonite’s refined style is also excellent for dining rooms and restaurants, as well as in retail, where it offers true added value by improving the attractiveness of the space.
Its rich texture creates a high-impact look in which only a few furnishings are required to obtain a very appealing result and convey a bold identity, for a highly evocative contemporary look.

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