Maxfine: big floor and wall tiles

Porcelain Tile,

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti,

FMG’s Maxfine tiles are high impact, versatile large floor and maxi-tiles suitable for use in a vast range of settings thanks to their large size and reduced thickness

Maxfine: big floor and wall tiles

Maxfine, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s creation of big tiles has redefined the compositional potential of surfaces: from floors to indoor wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops and ventilated façades.

Maxfine is a large porcelain tile (1mx1m) which is nonetheless very thin (6 mm on both walls and floors), versatile and cross-cutting for a great variety of uses, capable of maintaining the aesthetic qualities of porcelain unaltered even in places subject to high levels of stress, such as shopping centres and high traffic areas.

Its aesthetic qualities, primarily expressiveness and luminosity, are made possible by minimal grouting guaranteeing visual continuity of spaces.

Colour of the entire mass of the tile and a polished finish ensure that Maxfine porcelain maintains the material’s typical qualities (strength, easy cleaning) as the years go by.

Two particular aspects of its production are worth a closer look: as the company’s motto says, FMG "builds according to nature", and its production cycle has a very low environmental impact (reducing raw materials and energy consumption by 40%), as it is the result of mixing earths and minerals of known origin processed without enamel. 

This is clearly demonstrated by the long series of certifications and protocols guaranteeing conformity to ecological parameters.

A second important aspect is customisation of spaces.

Building a home that “dresses” the person or family that lives in it like a custom-tailored suit, a space that fully conveys the sensations of wellness and harmony, and is at the same time a place for sharing and interpersonal relationships: this is the feature most often required in today's interiors.

Available in 16 colours and glossy/pre-polished and squared-off versions, Maxfine covers a wide range of varieties and forms, from rustic, traditional styles to the most urban, minimalist contemporary hues.

Marco Privato


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