FMG’s marble effect surfaces: classic and contemporary design

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FMG’s marble effect ceramic tiles combine the aesthetic tradition of marble with the innovative resistance of high-tech porcelain for elegant contemporary interiors and exteriors

FMG’s marble effect surfaces: classic and contemporary design
Full-body high-tech porcelain is the key material for indoor and outdoor wall and floor coverings today. 
Its key features include great resistance to abrasion, bending and frost, lightfastness and immunity to chemical substances, and very low percentage of water absorption.
But porcelain also stands out for its aesthetic variety, thanks to a technology that creates sophisticated effects inspired by wood, stone, concrete and industrial metals, as in the vast range of high-tech porcelain tiles made by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti.
One of the most evocative effects created by porcelain tiles is recreation of the classical tradition of marble.
FMG offers a vast selection of marble effect porcelain tiles, in collections such as Limestone, Marble, Marmi, Onici, Travertini and Travertino.
Synonymous with hardness and strength but clearly embodying formal delicacy, marble has been used for thousands of years in an infinite range of works of architecture and sculptures, from ancient Greek statues to modern skyscrapers.
Its appearance rich in variations in hue, original veins and chromatic details makes it a particularly noble material for elegant, sophisticated floor and wall coverings and furnishings.
Marble effect porcelain flooring brings to mind all the firmness and formal elegance of marble, creating spaces combining a classic look with the most innovative materials for surfaces and contemporary design.
The Marble collection in particular takes advantage of the aesthetic qualities of marble in 6 hues: Bianco Perla, Cendre Grey, Alanya Black, Gris Savoie, Pulpis Bronze, and Cremo Supremo, available with pre-polished, burnished or bush-hammered surfaces.
Marble effect tiles are available in 5 sizes, the classic 60x60 cm square size and rectangular tiles measuring 60x30 and 120x60, 120x30 and 120x20, in addition to a refined 30x30 mosaic tile, all only 9 mm thick. div>
Combining tiles of different lengths and finishes, as shown in a number of settings, is one way of creating dynamic, expressive indoor and outdoor surfaces: refined qualities which are highly sought-after today to customise the spaces we live in.
Marble effect tiles in lighter and darker hues underline the details of veins and crystallisation typical of the material in question. 
In various applications, marble effect tiles maintain their aesthetic qualities, such as radiance, which may be accentuated or toned down depending on the finish chosen. 
Marble effect coverings may be applied in the home in all spaces combining a traditional look with contemporary design.
Marble effect tiles are particularly suitable for use in the parts of the home which are particularly damp or require frequent cleaning, such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
In spaces such as shops, offices and meeting rooms with minimalist interior decor, marble effect tiles can underline the details of each slab of the material and expand the amount of perceived space.

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