FMG Pure: essential design for contemporary surfaces

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FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti,

The essential design of FMG’s Pure range of porcelain tiles epitomises contemporary style for floors and walls: chic, personal, elegant moods created through a blend of tradition, nature and next-generation technology 

FMG Pure: essential design for contemporary surfaces
The world of surfaces stands out for its endless fusions: colour palettes and graphic effects, additions and subtractions, contrasts and blends of textures and veining, natural, classic and modern ambiences.
These are just some of the sources of inspiration for contemporary floor and wall tiles in porcelain, the material which captures the mood and the new living aesthetic better than any other.
In an ever-evolving creative process with ever-wider technical horizons, high-tech porcelain from FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti offers a variety of surface effects which make it unique, earning it the title of "aesthetic high-tech ceramic".
With its endless colours and luminous appearance, FMG’s full body porcelain provides a series of innovative solutions for contemporary settings, inspired by classic materials such as wood, onyx, stone, granite and marble.
By observing and reproducing exactly what occurs in nature using raw, primitive materials like stone and clay, the creative process often culminates in essential design. It may appear simple, but it is highly distinctive, communicative and expressive.
What better example than FMG’s Pure collection of porcelain tiles, inspired by the simplicity of concrete effects (as are Roads and Rocce), available in 7 shades: Pure White, Oyster, Light Ivory, Silver Grey, Silk Grey, Cement Grey and Dusty Grey.
Pure offers natural, primitive and minimal colours and tones with ancient echoes of sand and earth, reworking them with style and purity for all kinds of walls and floors: the ideal backdrop for all types of furnishings.
Pure tiles can be used in every imaginable setting, from residential and commercial to exhibition centres and exteriors, thanks to their technical features. They are non-absorbing and resistant to deep abrasion, wear, stains and chemical products.
With their essential flair and elegant tonal variations, Pure tiles bring a sense of warmth to the home and are extremely welcoming when used in public areas. They meld together the classic and the contemporary in the finest tradition of Italian high-tech ceramics.

Marco Privato


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