Cardete Huet Cayenne University Campus Administration Centre

Cardete Huet,

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Cardete Huet architectural studio has won a design competition for construction of an administration centre for the Université de Guyane in Cayenne, with a design that draws inspiration from the landscape, culture and climate of Guyana.

Cardete Huet Cayenne University Campus Administration Centre

The landscape, culture and climate of Guyana are the principal source of inspiration for the administration building at Cayenne university campus designed by Cardete Huet, the architectural practice that won the design competition.
The architects designed a bioclimatic complex that maximises use of natural light and ventilation, inspired by the colours of the vegetation of Guyana and the "carbet", a traditional form of wooden construction.
Carbets consist simply of a roof supported by pillars, with no side walls, and in Cardete Huet's project a single roof supported by a series of pillars and separated by constructions protects the three volumes making up the administration centre.
The roof provides shelter from sunlight, although the volumes below it are differentiated by a series of skylights which let daylight into the interiors of the constructions. The buildings consist of a series of solids and hollows linked by walkways and tunnels, a simple form of organisation that makes it easy for people to figure out where things are and responds to the need for flexibility allowing for future growth.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Cardete Huet - CADG (Cabinet d’architecture Daniel Gratien)
Location: Cayenne, French Guyana

Images courtesy of Cardete Huet - CADG



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