B.zero1 Design Legend a ring designed by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid Architects,



Dark, formless matter becomes points of light, which in turn become curved lines, fluid surfaces, geometric shapes and volumes, some of which recall the buildings of Zaha Hadid, forming the new B.zero1 Design Legend ring. The woman who redefined architecture has also redesigned the well-known Italian brand’s ring.

B.zero1 Design Legend a ring designed by Zaha Hadid

We start the year 2017 by presenting a project which is apparently quite different from the buildings and projects we normally present in Floornature. We have chosen it because it gives us an excuse to talk about an important architect who passed away in 2016, Zaha Hadid, and because, as the effective video presenting the ring states, it is the product of the same way of working as architect Hadid used to design her buildings.

In 1999 Bulgari presented a ring of innovative design, B.zero1, to celebrate the start of a new millennium, inspired by the Coliseum, a monument symbolising the company’s roots in Rome and in Italy. In 2015 Zaha Hadid was appointed to renew what had in the meantime become the Maison’s symbol. Her starting point and inspiration was still the geometry of the Coliseum, which is transformed in Zaha Hadid’s design into flowing lines that cross over one another to form a delicate three-dimensional filigree and connect two flat bands bearing the classic engraved BVLGARI, the ring’s distinguishing feature ever since the first version was made in 1999. The fluidity and dynamism of the geometry that gives form to the ring sums up Zaha Hadid’s modus operandi, as shown in the video presenting the ring, in which a number of the architect’s most important projects may be seen.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Bulgari B.zero 1 by Zaha Hadid Design from Zaha Hadid Architects on Vimeo.


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