Brooks + Scarpa, Contemporary Art Museum


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The new museum designed by Brooks + Scarpa of California looks like a light butterfly rising into the air out of its brick cocoon.

Brooks + Scarpa, Contemporary Art Museum
The new contemporary art museum (CAM) in Raleigh, North Carolina, designed by Brooks + Scarpa in collaboration with Clearscapes, has just opened.

The architects decided to preserve an important part of the historic brick building constructed in 1910 for the Allen Forge & Welding Company, expanded in 1927 by its subsequent owners.
A new 900 square metre construction was added to the building to provide the museum entrance, the most characteristic element in the entire project.

The roof over this area consists of inclined panels supported by slender white pillars. Floor to ceiling windows varying in height according to the variable geometry of the roof form a transparent boundary enclosing the entrance area and helping to create the image the architects wanted for the new building: a butterfly emerging from its cocoon ready to fly.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Brooks + Scarpa / Clearscapes
Location: Raleigh,NC - USA
Illustrations: John Edward Linden, Nick Pironio and Lawrence Scarpa



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