The Zigzag by Rintala Eggertson

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The Zigzag by Rintala Eggertson
Public art adds to the value of a neighbourhood in Trondheim.

A triangular park which had been abandoned and decaying for years has been reclaimed with the addition of a public art project promoted by Øya Health Centre in Trondheim, Norway.

Rintala Eggertson architectural studios of Norway implemented the town of Trondheim’s intention of re-appropriating an urban space for citizens’ use.

Addition of a spatial element, a red lacquered steel wall 10 to 12 mm thick with smaller sections made of corten, divides the park into triangular zones. The wall varies in width and allows people to sit at different heights and enjoy a short rest.

This underlines the visual axes and directions and distinguishes the places for sitting and resting from the pathways. At the same time the subdivisions slow people down and make sure they relax for a minute, for their own benefit. The last part of the park faces the health centre, visually guiding users toward the main building.

Using only a few elements which require little maintenance and will not stretch the city’s budget, architects Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertson have reclaimed an urban space to add to the liveability of the town of Trondheim.

Design: Rintala Eggertson Architects, http://www.rintalaeggertsson.com/
Location: Trondheim, Norway
Year: 2009
Photographs: Pasi Aalto, http://www.pasiaalto.com


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