Reuse of an old military construction. Atelier-f, Switzerland.



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Reuse of an old military construction. Atelier-f, Switzerland.
The end of the Cold War has led to abandonment of many military facilities, even in Switzerland. In Fläsch, Graubünden, atelier-f architectural studios reinvented an old military cable car station to benefit the community, opening a small cultural centre.

A very robust construction in the midst of the forest, with an enchanting view of the valley. This is the old bunker at the top of the military cable car near Fläsch, a construction that was about to join the long list of 20th century military constructions abandoned as a result of historic changes.

It all began when the forest rangers asked for a shelter and place to conduct training exercises. At the same time the town of Fläsch was looking for a space in which to hold small-scale cultural events, and the two agreed to share the building.

Atelier-f’s plan for reclamation and reuse maintained the bunker’s characteristic structure, making a few almost “invisible” additions to adapt it to its new use.

A volume covered with metal mesh, like a military backpack, has been applied to the back of the bguilding to contain hygienic and technical facilities. Light is provided by the existing skylight, and the cable car openings have been glassed-in to offer visitors a unique view.

The furnishings and interior design make use of larch wood from the forest around the centre.

The station is only used from April to October, so no heating is required, just a ventilation system to eliminate moisture.
An architectural upcycling project to benefit the local community.

Project: atelier-f, http://www.atelier-f.ch
Location: Fläsch, Graubünden, Switzerland
Photographs: © atelier-f
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