PATCH22, a wooden tower in Amsterdam

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FRANTZEN et al have designed PATCH22, the tallest wooden apartment building in the Netherlands.

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PATCH22, a wooden tower in Amsterdam FRANTZEN et al have designed PATCH22, the tallest wooden apartment building in the Netherlands. This sustainable building and winner of both the Green Award and the WAN 2016 Residential Award is an example of innovative architecture that respects the environment, starting from the tender procedure itself.

PATCH22 came about after a tender procedure was called in Amsterdam in 2009. Frantzen et al architects with H20 installation consultancy & building management set up a bespoke company, Lemniskade Projects to participate in this procedure to design and build an apartment building in Amsterdam Buiksloterham; submissions were judged on their sustainability rather than on their cost.
PATCH22 won because it is an “energy-neutral” building that generates its own energy through roof solar panels and uses CO2-neutral pellet stoves for heating. And the large quantity of wood - the consummate natural resource - used in the construction helps store as much CO2 as possible in the building itself. Rainwater is harvested and used for non-potable purposes.
Flexibility is an integral part of the project, and on request, this building can also be turned into offices. The apartments all have open layouts, so inhabitants are completely free to create their own floor plans, which can be easily configured to meet their lifestyle needs. 
South-facing balconies play a very important part in the concept of PATCH22. They are up to 2.4 metres deep and provide an outdoor extension of the living room, at the same time acting as a hothouse, thanks to fold-open windows. All the units are fitted with large windows that offer great views of the old town of Amsterdam and at the same time mean residents can save on their lighting bills.
No worries when it comes to fire safety and standards either: all the measures and solutions comply with the fire regulations and the structure can withstand fire for 120 minutes. 
PATCH22 by Frantzen et al architects is a virtuous example of a sustainable apartment building, with a great visual impact and the idea was so successful that another one will be built on the block next door!

Christiane Bürklein

Architect: FRANTZEN et al, Amsterdam, project team: Tom Frantzen, Karel van Eijken, Laura Reinders
Location: Johan van Hasseltkade 202-306, 1032 LP Amsterdam
Design: 2009-2014
Completed: 2016
Client: Lemniskade Projects, Amsterdam (Tom Frantzen and Claus Oussoren)
MEP consultant: H20 installation consultancy & building management
Building management: H20 installation consultancy & building management
Structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Amsterdam
Contractor: Hillen and Roosen, Amsterdam
Area: 5400 m2
Photo credits: Luuk Kramer
Thankt to v2com

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