Love of detail: a doorway in the city centre.

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Love of detail: a doorway in the city centre. 
This work of precision by the Swiss architecture firm, Bureau A, highlights the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and enhances urban property combining contemporary working methods and local references.

The portal marks the boundary between private property and the outside world, like a sort of visiting card. With this in mind, the architects in the Swiss firm, Bureau A, designed “The Portal” as an interpretation of this often underrated architectural element.

The project focuses on decoration from the past to create an unusual entrance brought alive by the patterns of light and shadow coming from the two metal doors made with modern artisan techniques.

Architects Daniel Zamarbide and Leopold Banchini relate to the teachings of a famous English architect, founder of the “Arts and Crafts”, movement, William Morris, who expounded the concept that everything surrounding us, like the origins of the world itself, must be pleasant, fine and beautiful. In the case of this particular door, this was made possible due to man’s use of machinery because the creative force and craftsman skills are only helped by modern day techniques and not vice versa.

The portal fits into its historical context by not only creating a visual link but also a stronger bond with the traditions and local knowledge. This project shows a love for detail through respect for the surroundings.

Project: Bureau A (Daniel Zamarbide and Leopold Banchini), http://a-bureau.com/
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Gallery. Regis Golay, http://www.federal.li
Links: http://www.floornature.com/blog/a-sauna-on-the-rooftops-of-geneva-bureau-a-8279/


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