Jané Winestore by External Reference with Chu Uroz

Carmelo Zappulla (External Reference) & Chu Uroz,

Adrià Goula,

Comarruga, Tarragona,

Free Time, Commercial Buildings,


A venue that’s all about wine and other alcoholic beverages: Jané Winestore in Tarragona, Spain is the project by architect Carmelo Zappulla from External Reference with designer Chu Uroz for Jané Grup, a leading Spanish wine, liquor and fine food organisation. A dynamic project with pop overtones.

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Jané Winestore by External Reference with Chu Uroz When you think about wineries and wine-tasting venues, you usually imagine something classic or even a bit predictable, with understated colours and a muted atmosphere. But now and then, something comes along to shatter all your preconceived ideas about this category: this time, it’s the new Jané Winestore designed by the Sicilian architect Carmelo Zappulla, CEO of the Barcelona-based studio, External Reference with the Spanish designer Chu Uroz.
Jané Grup is a leading Spanish wine, liquor and fine food organisation in Tarragona, established there since 1944. In 1980, it opened a new point of sale in a large, 700 m2 building at Km 1187 along the main road between El Vendrell and Comarruga. Last year, the two creatives transformed this rather unremarkable-looking liquor store into a modern retail outlet, giving it a complete makeover and restyling this historic brand. To do this, they went with a pop style, reminiscent of the iconic neon signage that runs rampant in Las Vegas. 
A reference informed not least by the store’s position in the suburbs next to a street with lots of parking areas. 
The pop style inspired the new image of this wine and liquor store without wiping out its origins. The products inside the store are almost like a collection, and the designers envisioned the materialization of these when they covered the large front facade with keywords in different shapes and sizes. Not only that but they strived to generate a bold visual impact that would grab the attention of passing drivers, encouraging them to come in and try out the treasures inside. This visual impact is even stronger at night when a programmable LED lighting system incorporating a play of chromatics turns the Jané Winestore into a beacon, lighting up the nights in Comarruga.
The design team put a lot of effort into restyling the interiors with a contemporary look. The position of the cabinet-style shelving makes it possible to classify the large variety of drinks and food on offer. With the capacity to store and display more than 10,000 fine wines, spirits and gourmet foods, the Jané Winestore is a real go-to venue for lovers of quality drinking. 
Carmelo Zappulla and Chu Uroz crafted the perfect balance between polycarbonate, galvanized steel and backlit systems to turn this store into a real beverage library that is paid out in four main areas. It starts with the area where spirits are displayed and sold, a parallel succession of metal shelves that neutralize the space and spotlight the product with careful lighting design. Instead, KM1187 is a tasting area where customers can try out freshly made food products. The Mezzanine is a space that gives us a new vision of the space, where you can socialize and just enjoy the warmth of the environment. And then, the large wooden bookcase was specially designed to highlight the brand’s special products.
Carmelo Zappulla designed the Spanish pavilion for Expo 2020 and, together with the designer Chu Uroz, he has crafted an eye-catching sales point that brings a real buzz to an unremarkable suburban zone, making it stand out by day and by night, in a skilful play of references to our imaginary idea of pop.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Carmelo Zappulla (External Reference) & Chu Uroz,
Location: Carretera N-340 km 1187, 43880 Comarruga, Tarragona 
Year: 2019
Images: Adrià Goula

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