Iris Ceramica Group and Bibendum for Sustainable Conviviality

Bologna, Italy,



Sustainability is in its DNA: this is why the Iris Ceramica Group partnered with Bibendum to ensure “Sustainable Conviviality” during the Cersaie 2022, International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings, in which the group participated with the theme of SHAPING THE FUTURE – the new dawn of ceramics.

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Iris Ceramica Group and Bibendum for Sustainable Conviviality
Iris Ceramica Group's commitment to 360-degree sustainability continues. To mitigate the impact of a trade fair event, such as the 2022 edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings, held from September 26 to 30 at the Bologna exhibition centre, the Iris Ceramica Group shaped the future not only thanks to the collections proposed, but also with responsible choices regarding the organisation of the multi-site events held in the Group's three main showrooms.
A project in line with the 11 Sustainable Development Goals, from the respectful management of water resources, wood, plastic and waste, to the promotion of actions to combat climate change, designed in collaboration with the Bibendum Group Società Benefit. Conscious choices that have therefore contributed to minimising the environmental impact of the hospitality offered by the Iris Ceramica Group to its visitors.
Underlying this concept was the circularity of food. Each daily menu was, in fact, attentively defined based on circular and social economy criteria. The suppliers were selected by the Bibendum Group on the basis of the following aspects: regionality, to support the local economy and offer locally-sourced products to reduce the impact of transport; seasonality, to offer products with excellent nutritional properties with no added chemicals that influence their ripening; ethical, to enhance the social sustainability profile of the suppliers and their positive impacts. In addition, any unconsumed food was donated to a voluntary association.
The same care was given to beverages, offering eco-sustainable and carbon neutral cartons, with 76% of the packaging made from plant origin sources, as well as compensating for CO2 emissions by planting trees. In addition, the carton (including the cap) is 100% recyclable with paper waste: its life cycle is complete. For the placée service, on the other hand, the Group opted for returnable glass, donating 100 litres of water for each bottle consumed to communities that do not have access to it. In turn, unconsumed wine, selected based on the principles of regional territoriality and organic production, will now be transformed into vinegar, thanks to a project carried out in collaboration with the Bibendum Group and its partner farm.
In short, nothing was wasted: on the contrary, other products can be created with what was left. All this, of course, to give an authentic meaning to the concept of circularity. The same philosophy was also applied to coffee and sugar, both organically produced. Moreover, the left-over sugar in bags has been collected and reused to produce sweets.
Of course, a sustainable conviviality project such as this one also paid careful attention to design and decor elements. Glass, aluminium and steel were thus chosen for the materials, which are 100% reusable and recyclable. The idea of not using cut flowers, but rather living, hydroponic plants to decorate the buffet was also nice, thus reducing water consumption by up to 90%. Finally, the design objects, tailor-made for the event, are not disposable, but will be customised for future events.
All in all, a wonderful initiative by the Iris Ceramica Group that we hope will inspire others, so that events can become not only places for meetings and business, but also for the dissemination of best practices at all levels.

Christiane Bürklein

Photos: courtesy of Iris Ceramica Group


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