Green Pavilion Restaurant built around existing vegetation


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Green Pavilion Restaurant built around existing vegetation

The Green Pavilion Restaurant by 3LHD was designed for the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry campus in Zagreb, Croatia. Inspired by the location and its dense vegetation, the architects decided to build around the existing trees. The result is a raised structure with apartments nestled atop a green roof, with space underneath for the restaurant.
The ten, two-bedroom apartments are raised, freestanding elements in order to ensure privacy for their occupants. They overlook the roof’s oversized vegetative canopy, which provides a thick layer of insulation and prevents the building from over-heating or becoming excessively cold depending on the season; this reduces the amount of energy required for artificial heating and cooling.

Natural light and ventilation also play an important role in ensuring the building’s overall sustainability. Open atriums allow daylight to penetrate all areas of the interior and provide physical and visual connections to the outdoors. Careful attention was also given to the selection of building materials, construction methods and structure.
The restaurant, located entirely on the ground floor to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible, features sliding doors that open out onto the garden, with its winding paths and relaxation areas. Approximately 1,500 meals will be prepared and served each day.


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