Clarke Terrace by MYTO design d'espaces vivants

Pierre Béland,

Westmount, Québec, Canada,



Designer Martine Brisson and landscape architect Roxanne Miller of Canadian studio MYTO design d'espaces vivants created Clarke Terrace, a true landscape on the roof of a house: a place that becomes an integral part of the home, offering users all the convenience of a conventional garden.

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Clarke Terrace by MYTO design d'espaces vivants
There has been a lot of talk of green roofs as a sustainable solution reducing the environmental impact of a construction. These are often roofs with extensive greenery, characterised by a thin layer of soil which can be used without problems even on inclined surfaces or to replace existing roofs on old buildings. Sedum is the most popular plant for green roofs, as it is particularly resistant. In most cases, these green roofs are definitely good for the environment, and look nice in photographs, but they cannot be used by the inhabitants of the home. There are, however, also green roofs offering the same environmental quality and comfort as a conventional garden, offering actual added value for the home on which they are built. One example is the Clarke Terrace project by designer Martine Brisson and landscape architect Roxanne Miller of Canadian studio MYTO design d'espaces vivants
This is a landscaping project on the roof of a luxury property in Westmount, a town in the southwest of province of Quebec, on Île de Montréal, forming an enclave within the city’s metropolitan area.
The owner wanted to convert the home’s flat roof into a walkable terrace so he could enjoy the view from an open-air living room. The two creative artists responded to the challenge with a contemporary outdoor space of bold visual impact, characterised by unusual colourful vegetation. The deck is made of ipe wood, known for its resistance, high density and beautiful colour; to ensure that the terrace could be used safely, without compromising the view over the city of Montreal, a clear glass parapet was built all around the perimeter of the roof. 
Here, Brisson and Miller installed a series of custom-designed planters elegantly concealing the installations on the roof. They are covered with wood so that they can be removed in winter and won’t swell up with the freezing weather. Roxanne Miller chose perennials and native species for the planters and terrace, minimising the need to maintain and replace theseasonal plants. She took special care to create a harmonious colour palette dominated by pink, blue and purple. The landscape architect used plants with different flowering times, short and long, to ensure constant flowering throughout the summer. 
The roof also has lighting designed specifically for the plants, giving the green roof a warm, intimate, relaxing mood even in the evening. 
Big trees shade the property on the gently sloping lot, the roof itself is surrounded by colourful wild flowers, framing the splendid view over downtown Montreal.
MYTO design d'espaces vivants won the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN 2019 in the Terrace and landscape category for the project. This is the fourth time a project by the studio has received the award, established in Montreal in 2007 to acknowledge the excellence of Quebec designers and architects who stand out for their exemplary practice, such as creating a beautiful green roof useable as a garden.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: MYTO design d'espaces vivants https://www.mytodev.com/ 
Location: Westmount, Québec, Canada
Year: 2019
Images: Pierre Béland


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