Brasiliana Library on the USP Campus. Sustainable culture.

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Brasiliana Library on the USP Campus. Sustainable culture.
The library on the University of Sao Paolo campus, designed by Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb Arquitectura and Eduardo Almeida focuses on both culture and sustainability. A huge complex that is all about books.

The brief to create the “largest and most important private collection in Brazil” was assigned to Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb and Eduoardo Almeida – a 22,000 square metre structure commissioned in 1999 by José Mindlin, Brazilian businessman and bibliophile.

The library stands on the University of Sao Paolo (USP) campus and houses more than 17,000 titles, with 60,000 volumes, including rare tomes, extra spaces such as a showroom, an auditorium with seating for 300, café, bookstore and public rooms.
This complex was inaugurated in March 2013 and its importance goes far beyond just numbers. The architectural design considered the environmental connotations of a building of this size, striving to limit its impact on the site.

A skylight with UV filters lets daylight into the large foyer, perforated metal panels act as a curtain wall to wrap the glass façade and filter sunlight, protecting the interiors from excessive heat. The library’s energy needs are entirely covered by its own photovoltaic system.

The landscape design includes tall trees to ensure that the construction fits into the site’s lush nature.

So, the Brasiliana Library has become a benchmark for both literature and for aware architecture.

Project: rodrigo mindlin loeb arquitetura and eduardo de almeida, http://www.rodrigomindlinloeb.arq.br
Location: sao paulo, brazil

Year: 1999-2013
Image © Nelson Kon http://www2.nelsonkon.com.br - all images courtesy of rodrigo mindlin loeb arquitetura


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