Archiméditerranéenne exhibition - Corinne Vezzoni et associés, Paris

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La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris hosts an exhibition about the work of Corinne Vezzoni’s studio, focusing on a key issue in European architecture: response to context and territory, and the legacy of the Mediterranean.

Archiméditerranéenne exhibition - Corinne Vezzoni et associés, Paris

Archiméditerranéenne, the title of the exhibition underway at La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris, focuses on the key theme in the production of Corinne Vezzoni et associés, the studio whose work is featured in the exhibition.

Relationship with the project’s context and territory plays a key role in the work of Corinne Vezzoni, particularly the legacy of the Mediterranean Sea and Mediterranean culture. Vezzoni’s studio produces contemporary architecture on a human scale, paying much attention to context and territory and offering a unique response to a specific site. In a hypothetical parallel with the world of fashion, these projects would not be prêt-à-porter but custom-tailored suits, no matter what their scale and cost.
Drawing on a famous quote from Louis Khan: “What will be has always been”, Corinne Vezzoni creates projects that capture the specific natural emotions associated with places, taking existing constructions into account, to the extent of designing buildings that are not immediately recognisable as the work of a contemporary architect. The installation is designed to transform the exhibition into a travelling show which can easily be carried away and set up somewhere else, updated to present new developments in projects currently underway.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Mostra Archiméditerranéenne - Corinne Vezzoni et associés
Dates: November 25 2016 / January 7 2017
Location: Galerie d'Architecture, Paris – France

Images courtesy of Galerie d'Architecture, Paris, photo by Lisa Ricciotti, Laurent Piquet, David Huguenin, Golem images.