Apartment 15/140 by Azovskiy and Pahomova Architects


Ukrainian architects Anna Pahomova and Oleg Azovskiy designed the interiors of 15/140 apartment. Elegant and minimalist in style, the apartment features use of different lights and materials.

Apartment 15/140 by Azovskiy and Pahomova Architects

Oleg Azovskiy and Anna Pahomova are a pair of Ukrainian architects who have worked in various different styles over the course of their career, reinventing themselves with every new project. They designed the interiors of 15/140, an apartment in the heart of Dnipropetrovsk.

In response to the client’s request the architects adopted a minimalist style employing a great variety of different materials, from warm, soft, dark wood in a number of items of furniture and dividing walls to painted concrete and the cold industrial steel beams that outline the living room windows. The imperative throughout the project was use of a strictly monochromatic colour scheme, essential in the architects’ philosophy of minimalist design.

The key to the layout is now you see it – now you don’t, as every part of the home may be glimpsed from every other part. This flow of one space into another is underlined in the living room and kitchen area.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Azovskiy – Pahomova Architects
Location: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Photos: A. Avdeenko



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