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Antonella Bozzini is a professional Italian photographer who specialises in still lifes.

Antonella Bozzini. Still Life. Antonella Bozzini is a professional Italian photographer who specialises in still lifes. She crafts a collection of creative snapshots by applying her technique to objects and spaces both small and large, including architecture and interior design.

The Italian photographer Antonella Bozzini graduated in photography from the European design institute (Istituto Europeo del Design - IED) in Milan and her dream was to follow in the footsteps of the great Robert Capa and become a photojournalist. But as John Lennon said, “life is what happens when you're busy making other plans” and in the '90s Antonella began working with Maurizio Rebuzzini as a still life photographer for the FotoGraphia magazine, until she opened her own photography studio.

This formative background influences her approach to photography, regardless of the scale of the subject being portrayed because many of her images look more like paintings than photographs, which is a hallmark of still life photography. 
The still life photography genre is used to represent inanimate subjects, most often small groups of objects. Its origins date back to the 17th-century tradition of Netherlandish art. In painting, "Vanitas" is another technical name to describe the still life genre. The word Vanitas is a more appropriate description of the philosophical nature of these deceptively simple images of compositions of objects from everyday life, as conceptual representations of the nature of time. Vanitas mainly refers to the transience of life, which Antonella Bozzini encapsulates in a snapshot that does more than just tell the story of the details to describe the specific mood of that moment in time in the photo. The fixed, immediate and instantaneous image that remains frozen therefore gives tangible proof that time is a collection of moments.

This reflection is also inherent in food photography - that Antonella Bozzini discussed in her interview in the “Dress the kitchen” section of Floornature - where the photographer is forced to address the perishability of cooked food.
A curious, bubbly person like her will, of course, never stop at just snapping shots of tasty culinary creations, so she also focuses on the world of interior design where she has found fertile ground for her visual narrative. Antonella Bozzini always starts from a clearly defined project concept because she wants to capture both the atmosphere of the location and the details of the interior design and finishes. This is precisely where Antonella Bozzini can really express her creative flair: her shots remind us of the small pleasures of life, like the delight of a tasty dish or the harmony of a space to spend your time in. These elements all risk being lost in our overly busy world where there is no room for wonder, or even for pondering on our fragile and beautiful existence, which is revealed to us through the attentive eye of this photographer.


Antonella Bozzini