The Andrea Palladio Prize Italy has been awarded to the Reinhold Messner Museums

Bolzano, Italy,



The museums dedicated to the mountains commissioned by Reinhold Messner received the Andrea Palladio Prize Italy, dedicated to those clients who commissioned a series of architectures significantly enhancing the progress of the community.

The Andrea Palladio Prize Italy has been awarded to the Reinhold Messner Museums

The museum project commissioned by famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner, the Messner Mountain Museum, was awarded the Andrea Palladio Prize Italy. The prize is awarded during the Premio Internazionale Dedalo alla Committenza d’Architettura (Dedalo Minosse International Award for Architecture Clients) to that client who realised a series of architectures significantly enhancing the cultural, social and economic progress of the community.

The Messner Mountain Museum is a series of six museums created in different places between South Tyrol and the Province of Belluno. They are all dedicated to the mountain, its culture and its people. The mountain is the central theme of their exhibitions, connecting the museums one another. The six projects are surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, and the strength of each one of them is the protection of and respect for the natural landscapes and, in some cases, the buildings of the Dolomites, as four of the six museums were built in existing structures. This is the case of the MMM Firminian, designed by Werner Tscholl who created a structure in steel and glass to access the Firmiano Castle, a complex dating back to before year 1000 built on a mountain dominating the city of Bolzano. The MMM Ortles, designed by Arnold Gapp and dedicated to the glaciers, and the MMM Corones, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and dedicated to mountaineering, are instead completely new buildings..

(Agnese Bifulco)

Committente / Client: Reinhold Messner
Progetto / Project: Karl Spitaler, Robert Danz , Arnold Gapp, Werner Tscholl, Paolo Faccio, Enzo Siviero, EM2 Architekten Gerhard Mahlknecht, Kurt Egger, Heinrich Mutschlechner, Zaha Hadid Architects
Opera / Title: MMM Juval - Castelbello (BZ), MMM Ortles - Solda all'Ortles (BZ), MMM Firmian - Castel Firmiano (BZ), MMM Dolomites - Cibana di Cadore (BL), MMM Ripa - Brunico (BZ), MMM Corones - Plan de Corones Brunico – Marebbe (BZ).
Realizzazione / Construction: 1995-2015 Provincia di Bolzano e Provincia di Belluno, Italia



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