Episodio 23: Eva Castro

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We talk to Eva Castro, who with her fascinating lab, Formaxioms, found in 2019, part of a cluster of SUTD, Singapore University of Technology and Design and ASD, Architecture and Sustainable Design, intents to promote and deepen research on speculative narratives through the exploration of artificial realities, VR/AR, computational and advance technologies. The work she is carrying out with her students, focuses on the ecology of liquid territories, reimagining new realities for 'post', 'trans', 'hyper' anthropocentric scenarios to address the future rising ocean level along the coastal areas of the South China Sea. Her ideas are always projected into the future, utilizing the aid of the digital crafts, she challenges conventional topographies, spatial codes and infrastructures forms, to propose new models and methodologies to shape new-natures or alternatives styles of life. Attesting to forward thinking, her latest installation created for the Singapore National Gallery, launched as a prototypical platform Negentropic fields, in collaborations with a really wide ranges of different artists, intends to consider both Virtual and Augmented realities and environments that go beyond the limitations of a merely representational tools, realizing new hybrid spatial experiences. 


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