Episode 7: Richard Hassell

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Richard Hassell is an Australian-born architect and artist who has lived in Singapore since 1989. He is the co-founding director, alongside Wong Mun Summ, of the Singapore-based architectural firm, WOHA. Known for their dedication to environmental and social issues, they tackle problems of the 21st century with innovative new design and urban solutions. Their work embraces diverse highly influential projects, from residential towers, resorts and hotels, public housing and institutional buildings, to masterplanning.
It has been the Aga Kahn Award for Architecture in 2007 to establish their reputation and notoriety as authors of naturally ventilated skyscrapers for urban tropical context. Many other prestigious international achievements have followed, attesting the precious contribution of their projects, as milestone of sustainability. Richard will share his expertise, talking about topics today so much at heart, sustainability embodied in ‘high-density high-amenity’, ‘macro-architecture and micro-urbanism’, and, as a leader of outstanding skyscrapers, he will talk about his vision on how we can build, embracing more responsible, healthier choices, blending living green with vernacular traditions. 


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