Episode 25: Maciej Jakub Zawadzki

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Maciej Jakub Zawadzki after working for several years at two international renowned offices, Bjarke Ingels Group BIG in Copenhagen and MVRDV in Rotterdam, decided to establish his own practice MJZ. He will share with us how this wealth of experience shaped his professional career, leading him to realize his own firm in Poland. Deeply imbedded in his office’s DNA is an attentive concern towards a sustainable and resilient design, with a conscious awareness for ecological and climatic issues.

Technology and digital craft play an important role to enhance everyday living conditions. Maciej’s architecture, human-centered and community inclusive, addresses important contextual problems from climate change, water retention, disaster mitigation, green strategies, to circular economy and socially responsive design. We will talk about ‘Gardens of the Future’, a recent proposal he has done for an urban farm and natural food production center in Poland. Referring to his design approach focused in implementing greener energy, he will illustrate his interesting concept about a power station for a future battery-car run city. 

Part of the conversation will be also dedicated to the proposals to transform highly-traffic and polluted highways, fragmenting the dense metropolis, as the heart of Warsaw, Seoul, and Atlanta, into green-woven corridors, able to blend urban and social fabric. And to conclude, he will give an anticipation of LURE, the latest laboratory for Urban Research and Education founded in 2021, that applies digital modeling, robotics, AI and technological systems for future constructions. 


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