Episode 15: Richard England

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Richard England lives on an island, Malta, where he was born, a geographical area that has influenced his work with great resonance toward an architecture of silence, of spirituality and meditation. He graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in the 1960s, and practiced in the studio of Gio Ponti, who at that time was also the editor of Domus magazine. The atelier was an opportunity for him to meet exceptional personali-ties: Albini, Michelucci, Mangiarotti, Scarpa, Giancarlo De Carlo, Moretti, Richard Neutra and  Pier Luigi Nervi. A multitude of great passions, from poetry, literature, music, photography, art, and sculptures, have always accompanied his universal vision of architecture and life. Richard England is considered not only a great architect, but also a wonderful writer, artist, academic and Honorary Member of World Architecture Community. He will share with our audience stories and anecdotes filled with extremely interesting en-counters. 


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