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Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse, co-founder of Barclay&Crousse Architecture, will talk about the period spent in Paris and the decision to come back and work principally in Lima, Peru. What has meant and still today means to work there. As attentive, respectful preservers of regional resources and local craftsmanship, they work transforming limitations and restrictions into enticing qualities of their architecture.
About their realizations, we have focused on the pluri-awarded ‘Place of Remembrance’, an emblematic work, contrasted by the government but passionately supported by the Nobel Prize writer Mario Vargas Llosa and the people. Many formal ‘imperfections’ narrate, as evident clues, the collaborative, choral work. And then on the ‘Paracas Museum’, in the Paracas desert, as replacement of the original museum, almost totally destroyed in the 2007 earthquake, a respectful gesture that reminds Land Art artists .

Follows the ‘Edificio E’, University Campus in Piura, characterized by a ‘deceptive simplicity’ revealing an unexpected complexity, a relevant example of intervention that, born from local contingencies, reaches a global impact. The conversation continues about their concept of ‘generous architecture’ and the  dialectical relation between vastness and intimacy, especially in their residential works, concluding on their approach extremely 'faithful to the essence of the building, leaving aside any formal obsession and any prominence of authorship’. 


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