Alberto Campo Baeza Complete Works monographic volume

Richard Meier, Alberto Campo Baeza, David Chipperfield,

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Thames & Hudson has published a monographic volume about architect Alberto Campo Baeza and his work featuring contributions by Richard Meier, Jesus Aparicio, David Chipperfield and Manuel Blanco.

Alberto Campo Baeza Complete Works monographic volume

A monographic volume about the work of Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza was published recently.
Edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda, the book includes contributions by architects Richard Meier, Jesus Aparicio, Manuel Blanco and David Chipperfield, who wrote the preface, introduction, interview and epilogue, respectively. The architects offered their critical contribution to Campo Baeza’s perennial search for “beauty” and his “simple” constructions based on the principles of the Modernist movement.

The book presents the Spanish architect's complete works, ranging from small buildings such as a number of residential projects, the Turégano, Gaspar and De Blas homes, to cultural buildings on a larger scale, such as the museum in Granada (l'Andalucia’s Museum of Memory) or the Caja General Bank headquarters.
These are all projects of apparently simple composition, denoting great control and discipline: silent alternatives to the clamour of the modern city.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Campo Baeza - Complete Works
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500342947

Images courtesy of Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza