3LHD, Dubrovnik House V2

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A single-family home designed by 3LHD fits perfectly into the harsh landscape of the Croatian coast, making use of traditional Mediterranean terracing.

3LHD, Dubrovnik House V2

Supporting walls and terraces built using the traditional construction techniques of Mediterranean coastal agriculture inspire the design of this home by the architects of 3LHD.
The home is located in a panoramic position on the coast close to Dubrovnik, and features big windows offering views of the steep Croatian coastline.

Constructed with simple geometric volumes, the home fits subtly into the landscape, but stands out from the dry stone supporting walls of the terraces around it due to use of white stone to cover the walls and roof.

Inside, the home’s functions are distributed over multiple levels which are offset in relation to one another, starting with the entrance by the road and going on to the bedrooms, the living room directly linked with the outdoor terrace and swimming pool, and the bathrooms. Floor to ceiling windows set part way back into the volume ensure non-stop interaction with the natural landscape while keeping the home in the shade.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: 3LHD
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Images courtesy of 3LHD - ph. Marko Ercegovic