x architekten, PARKPRAXIS, Austria

Landscape, Sport & Wellness,

x architekten designed a building with walls that reflect the surrounding greenery so that the construction blends into the landscape.

x architekten, PARKPRAXIS, Austria
The medical practice built by x architekten in Kasten, in Lower Austria, was designed to do away with the distinction between the building and its natural surroundings.

The architects started out with the intention of perfectly integrating the construction into the landscape.
The lot they worked on is surrounded by a public park which is in turn bounded on three sides by residential buildings, with agricultural fields on the other side of the street.
The architects decided to build a construction which would not divide the city park from the fields but help them blend into one another.

The regular geometry of the building?s layout was modified to fit around the trees on the lot; the walls curve around the trees and seem to accept them into the building itself.

The walls are built out of panels with reflective surfaces to help integrate the construction into the greenery.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: x architekten
Location: Kasten bei Böheimkirchen, Lower Austria
Images: x architekten



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