Vertice Arquitectos, Casa Las Lomas i-5, Lima

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Casa Las Lomas is a home designed by the architects of Vertice on a rocky hill with a panoramic 180° view over the Pacific Ocean and the beach of Lomas, 120 Km from Lima.

Vertice Arquitectos, Casa Las Lomas i-5, Lima

On Las Lomas del Mar beach in Cerro Azul, 120 km from Lima, a round rocky hill is the site of the home designed by Vertice Arquitectos.
The hill reaches a maximum height of 48 m above sea level and then drops rapidly to 8 m, providing vast panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean to the north and the beach to the south and west. Ensuring panoramic views from the bedroom and living room of the home was one of the key goals of the project for the architects of Vertice Arquitectos.

To take advantage of the available surface area for construction despite the particular characteristics of the site, the architects decided to work with two separate parallel volumes linked by a main axis.
The first volume is rotated 45° at the end to offer panoramic views over the ocean from the bedroom.
The link between the two buildings is the main corridor through the residence, ending in a living room opening onto a patio with a swimming pool and a panoramic view of the beach.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: VERTICE ARQUITECTOS (Hernani Canessa, Sandro Moro, Luis Miguel Becerra)
Location: Playa Las Lomas del Mar, Cerro Azul Lima PERU
Images courtesy of Vertice Arquitectos, ph. Juan Solano



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