Vardas Studio designs a residence for Andri and George


The Cypriot architects of Vardas Studio have built a new luxury residence on the island. Their aesthetic of geometric volumes and apparently simply furnishings provides the air of luxury the clients wanted.

Vardas Studio designs a residence for Andri and George

The architects of Vardas Studio have plenty of experience designing homes and villas for people who live or holiday on the island of Cyprus. The list of residences they have built continues to grow, and the home built for Andri and George perfectly reflects the studio’s aesthetic taste.
Two square blocks are positioned one above the other to create a heterogeneous shape underlined by the differences in covering materials: bare concrete on the ground floor and wood on the top floor.
But when we go into the house, the rooms in the home appear the same and connected; this harmony is created by the colours of the different materials and the apparent simplicity expressed in the choice of furnishings. For example, in the living room, the colour orange characterising the leather sofas reappears in the warm hues of the wood used on the staircase.
The bold presence of rough concrete and the minimal furnishings give the home an austere look. Austere, but cosy and welcoming, thanks to the contrast between the colours and the daylight coming in through the big windows.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Pafos, Cyprus
Design: Vardas Studio
Images courtesy of Vardas Studio