Time running out to enter the Architecture Drawing Prize

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Artists have until September 9th to enter the sixth Architecture Drawing Prize competition, which celebrates the art and skill of architectural representation and will be sponsored this year by Iris Ceramica Group and Floornature as European media partner.

Time running out to enter the Architecture Drawing Prize

September 9th is the deadline to enter the Architecture Drawing Prize competition. The prize competition was first launched in 2017 to celebrate the art and skill of architectural representation and design. Now in its sixth year, the Architecture Drawing Prize competition will be sponsored by Iris Ceramica Group and Floornature as European media partner.
Drawing has always been an essential part of the work of any architect, leaving aside the technical drawings required for the development and implementation of the design, just think of the many representations, produced by different methods and techniques, that allow you to explore the future potential of a building and a space, as well as to communicate it. Thoughts inevitably run to the design skills of the great masters of architecture, from Palladio to Le Corbusier, Piranesi to Carlo Scarpa, and contemporary architects like Aldo Rossi and Cedric Price. The Architecture Drawing Prize in fact emphasizes how drawing continues to be an important tool for architecture. The aim of the award is also to explore the potential and creative use of digital tools in representation, while also reaffirming the importance of manual as well as hybrid forms of drawing. There are in fact three prize categories: manual, digital and hybrid drawing.
The competition is open to architects, designers and students from all over the world and all forms of representing architectural design, conceptual, technical or construction drawings, including axonometric cross-sections and perspective views. Both existing buildings and or future designs can be represented.
The Architecture Drawing Prize is organized and promoted by three major organizations from the world of architecture: the international Make Architects studio, founded and led by the architect Ken Shuttleworth, a great enthusiast and lover of architectural drawing, the Sir John Soane's Museum in London, established by Sir John Soane (1753-1837), professor of architecture at the Royal Academy and promoter of educational and training activities in the field of creativity and art, and the World Architecture Festival (WAF), an important global event dedicated to architecture. The list of finalists and then winners will be announced in October and previewed at the World Architecture Festival in Lisbon, from November 30 to December 2, 2022. The exhibition of the winning and selected works will take place at the Sir John Soane's Museum in London in 2023.

The Architecture Drawing Prize
Deadline: 9 September 2022
Find out more: https://worldarchitecturefestival.com/live/en/page/drawing-prize
Images: courtesy of Architecture Drawing Prize anv v2com

Captions & Credits
01, 15-20 The Architecture Drawing Prize exhibition at The Sir John Soane's Museum
Crédit photo : Martina Ferrara

02 Overall winner and joint Hybrid category winner Flood-responsive landscape performance by Dafni Filippa
Crédit photo : Dafni Filippa

03 Digital Category winner and Lockdown prize winner: Site(s)of Flux Roaming Giant, Zachary Higson
Crédit photo : Zachary Higson

04-06 Hybrid category joint winner: (Un)homliness, Part 1, Boji Hu
Crédit photo : Boji Hu

07 Hand-drawn category winner: Reconfiguring Addis Ababa's Narratives, Antonio Paoletti
Crédit photo : Antonio Paoletti

08 Digital finalist: The Recess 1, Pasing Anton Markus
Crédit photo : Anton Markus

09 Digital Finalist: Outlines of Nuclear Geography by Sabina Blasiotti
Crédit photo : Sabina Blasiotti

10 Digital Finalist: The Promenade through Enfield Town, Sachini Jayasena
Crédit photo : Sachini Jayasena

11 Digital Finalist The Treachery of Matter, Weiqaio Lin
Crédit photo : Weiqaio Lin

12 Hybrid Finalist: The Water Parliament - Bangkok City 2100, Tyler Lin
Crédit photo : Tyler Lin

13 Hand-drawn Finalist: Memories of the Last Tree by Olivia O'Callaghan
Crédit photo : Olivia O'Callaghan

14 Hand-drawn Finalist: Treehouses without Trees, Thomas Schaller
Crédit photo : Thomas Schaller


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