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Architecture, the pandemic and the future of design: Valerio Campi - Obicua


Architecture, the pandemic and the future of design: Valerio Campi - Obicua

In only a few months, everything has changed completely. Even the world of architecture. In search of possible new scenarios, Floornature opens the discussion of a new approach to design for a time of public health emergency, publishing a series of interviews with architects all over the world. How are the big studios organising their work, and what has been the impact of the current situation on smaller architectural practices? What does it mean to design infrastructure, cultural centres and living spaces while avoiding social contact? Might the resilience we seek in buildings also be applicable to the profession of architect? Here are the architects’ responses, some in text form and others in videos, in the usual style of our portal.

The Kinii,


The Kinii, "The falcon’s nest" by the Italian architects of Obicua

Italian architectural studio Obicua recently presented its first project The Kinii, built three thousand metres above sea level at Powder Mountain, near Salt Lake City, a private luxury ski lodge at the biggest ski resort in the United States, measuring about 3500 hectares. The most important feature of Obicua’s project is the focus on reducing the lodge’s environmental footprint by using the strictest LEED sustainable building protocols.

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