Studio Azzurro. Sensitive images exhibition

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The retrospective exhibition entitled “Studio Azzurro. Immagini sensibili” ("Studio Azzurro: Sensitive images") which opened on April 9 at Palazzo Reale in Milan looks back over Studio Azzurro’s 35-year history. The collective has become an international landmark for its artistic creations employing new technologies and installations involving various different disciplines in the arts.

Studio Azzurro. Sensitive images exhibition

The exhibition "Studio Azzurro: Sensitive images" which opened on April 9 at Palazzo Reale in Milan covers the 35 year history of Studio Azzurro, the collective founded by Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa and Leonardo Sangiorgi in 1982.

The exhibition offers visitors a multisensorial experience allowing them to discover some of the evocative and poetic installations produced by the collective, making them an international landmark in artistic creations linked with the new technologies cutting across different artistic disciplines (arts, photography, film, theatre, architecture, etc.).

Projectors, touchscreen monitors and sensors placed in the environment make visitors an active part of the installations, interacting with the space.
"Studio Azzurro: Sensitive images" is part of the Return to the future programme in which the City of Milan organises events and initiatives promoting discussion and public reflection on the idea of future, today and in the past.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Studio Azzurro


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