Stan Bolt Architect House on a promontory in Devon

Stan Bolt Architect,

Nigel Rigden, Kye Ottridge,

Residences, Ville,

The private home designed by Stan Bolt Architect stands in a panoramic location on a promontory overlooking the estuary near Kingsbridge.

Stan Bolt Architect House on a promontory in Devon

A unique blend of Modernism and local materials gives this private home designed by Stan Bolt Architect a lived-in look and ensures that it fits harmoniously into the landscape around it. The house stands ona slight promontory overlooking the estuary near Kingsbridge, on the site of an old stone brick kiln still in perfect condition.

The architects used stone to define the main axis of the floor plan, which runs from the access road across the entire site to end at the old brick kiln made of stone. Thus the stone wall becomes the key element in the layout, continuing from the exterior into the building, with different spaces arranged around it. The wall also flanks the indoor swimming pool, located in a central position in the layout. The living area in the house is contained in an overhanging volume suspended above the pool, covered with copper panels reminiscent of hay barns in the area. The architects preferred local finishes and materials, such as Purbeck stone, so that colours and materials would give the house a “lived-in look” and ensure that all parts of it, including the garden, blended perfectly into the landscape.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Stan Bolt Architect
Location: Devon, UK

Images courtesy of RIBA, photo by Nigel Rigden, Kye Ottridge.


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