pH+ Architects The Milkshake Tree Installation London




The Milkshake Tree is a temporary installation designed by pH+ Architects for the 2016 London Festival of Architecture: a sensorial, inclusive space to stimulate children and encourage them to play. The installation will be reconstructed in the gardens of the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP) in Haringey, London.

pH+ Architects The Milkshake Tree Installation London

Projects by pH+ Architects for expansion of the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP) in Haringey, London, designed in collaboration with BD Landscape Architects, include a series of indoor and outdoor spaces that capture children’s imagination, intended to permit learning through play: a rooftop garden of the senses, an outdoor kitchen and a treehouse.
The project also includes a sensorial ramp with a musical walkway linking the school with the spaces used for various types of treatment and hydrotherapy, presented as a preview at the 2016 London Festival of Architecture June 21 through July 3.
The temporary installation presented at the London festival was entitled The Milkshake Tree and stood in the main square in Greenwich. "The Milkshake Tree", as the children decided to call it, is an inclusive sensorial garden created to stimulate and involve children in a game of discovery through sounds, smells, movements and mirror surfaces. It consists of a walkway or ramp bounded by wooden boards with copper xylophones that make sounds as the children pass by. The walkway surrounds a cube covered with mirrors with leaf-shaped holes in them, containing an Amelanchier tree and a glass prism creating kaleidoscopic colours and lights.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: pH+ Architects
Location: Peninsula Square, Greenwich

Images courtesy of pH+ Architects, photo by Andy Puncher, Paul Raftery



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