Parasite 2.0's YAP Maxxi 2016 opens


The inauguration of the installation entitled MAXXI Temporary School: The museum is a school. A school is a Battleground, designed by Parasite 2.0 for YAP MAXXI 2016, marks the beginning of the museum's summer calendar of events, which will continue until October 5.

Parasite 2.0's YAP Maxxi 2016 opens

MAXXI Temporary School: The museum is a school. A school is a Battleground is an installation designed by Parasite 2.0, winner of the YAP MAXXI 2016 contest for promotion of the work of young architects, organised in partnership with prominent international institutions and museums. YAP participants include MoMA/MoMA PS1 in NY, Constructo in Santiago, Chile, the Istanbul Modern, the MMCA National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul and, of course, MAXXI in Rome.
The installation was inaugurated on June 21, marking the start of YAP FEST 2016, a programme of events that will keep Maxxi busy all summer, until October 5.

The installation MAXXI Temporary School is composed of three different scenes set up in three parts of the square to create a lounge area for the public. The scenes consist of items made of wood, recycled rubber and metal, each representing a different fantastic setting, with references to different cultures, natural elements and pop culture. An example of webcreativity! The installation is completed with the interaction of the public and continues on the web; the dominant colour in the scenes is green, forming a “green screen” for a web application created specifically for the project which allows users to take photos and edit them using a series of special effects connected with the project before sharing them on the internet.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Fondazione Maxxi, photo by'Cecilia Fiorenza



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