Minimalism: a family home in Klanovice by ADR


Czech architectural practice ADR completed a house in Klanovice that is truly surrounded by greenery. The vegetation surrounds it completely, and the aesthetic the architects attempt to achieve is a minimalist antithesis of camouflage.

Minimalism: a family home in Klanovice by ADR

The house designed by ADR Architects in Klanovice stands out, a bright white minimalist construction amidst the green trees. Formed of three rectangular blocks defining three green spaces, the home can by no means be said to blend into its surroundings!
Entering the house, the white continues on the plastered walls, while the floors and ceiling are covered with polished concrete. The choice of furnishings is consistent with ADR’s minimalist design: only a few simple items, in which items of furniture provide dots of bright colour against the white backdrop. The elegance of these objects, from the grand piano to the red knobs on the bathroom fixtures, offers the touch of life essential in any family home, becoming the distinguishing element in the project.
The architects explain that the whole house reflects the client’s highly sophisticated but unpretentious style, his serenity, harmony and sense of balance.

Francesco Cibati

Design: Rodinný dům Klánovice
Location: Klánovice, Czech Republic
Design: ADR s.r.o. – Petr Kolář, Aleš Lapka
Co-Author: Jana Zoubková
Photos: BoysPlayNice


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