Liko Noe and Franek Architects’ scientific approach

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Ecology is architects’ daily bread, but what happens when the principles underlying a design are determined in partnership with a team of scientists? The answer may be found in the latest project by Zdeněk Fránek, a Czech architect who has been practicing scientific design for some time.

Liko Noe and Franek Architects’ scientific approach

Liko Noe it not the first building Czech architect Zdeněk Fránek and his studio have built with a team of scientists. This time, their goal was to create a centre of innovation for a family-run company that would be completely independent from the urban distribution grid, relying entirely on resources found in nature.

Before Liko Noe, spectators perceive not a building but nature in all its majesty, while inside the building, they feel truly a part of nature thanks to big windows that bring the building’s surroundings indoors.

Photothermal walls, collection and treatment of wastewater and rainwater, natural temperature stabilisation, vertical gardens and the choice of construction materials make this project truly unusual from both the technical and aesthetic points of view. The ecological approach does not stand out from the structure, and cannot be distinguished from it, but provides the foundations underlying it, its true essence.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic
Design: Zdeněk Fránek – Fránek Architects – http://www.franekarchitects.cz/
Area: 249 sqm
Year: 2015
Photos: BoysPlayNice – https://www.boysplaynice.com/


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