Light and Art in two projects by B+P Architetti

B+P Architetti,

Prato, Altamura, Italia,

Light and contemporary art are key elements of two recent projects completed by the B+P studio founded by architects Alessia Bettazzi and Pierluigi Percoco. Two renovation projects carried out for different contexts – a residence in Prato and a boutique in Altamura – but united by the skillful use of light as a guiding element and by the careful fusion between art and architecture.

Light and Art in two projects by B+P Architetti

In the world of architecture, light has always been considered a powerful tool to transform spaces and to give them new life. The B+P Architetti studio, founded in 2010 by Alessia Bettazzi and Pierluigi Percoco, has embraced this concept and brought it to the centre of its renovation projects both in a residence in Prato and in a boutique in Altamura. Two different contexts, but united by the skillful use of light as a guiding element.

In Prato, B+P Architetti has transformed the renovation project of a typical apartment dating back to the 1970s into a work of continuity and brightness. By dematerialising the walls and creating a big open space, with large windows on two sides, the architects were able to ensure constant ventilation and natural lighting that dances inside the residence. In addition, the innovative radiant floor heating system and energy-efficient windows adopted by the architects offer exceptional comfort. Light becomes the common thread that connects the various spaces, defining the volumes and revealing the personality of their inhabitants. The lighting project, with plays of luminescence and the strategic use of light fixtures and spotlights, lends an atmosphere of elegance and warmth to every room. Precious materials and refined details complete the picture of a contemporary and welcoming home.

The Branà 1915 boutique in Altamura is, instead, a perfect fusion between architecture and metaphysical art. Inspired by Giorgio De Chirico's paintings, B+P Architetti has created a unique and engaging space, where the past is transformed into monolithic artefacts that embrace customers, leading them on an emotional journey inside the boutique. Here, light plays a fundamental role in defining the shopping experience. Spotlights and lights focused on central islands and on the cabinets create plays of shadows and reflections, while the choice of white underlines the elegance of the clothing on display. Light mixes with matter, as in the case of the gold material surfaces used for the intrados of the central arches, creating an ethereal and evocative atmosphere. Art and architecture blend together to tell the story of fashion and costume, transforming the store into a place of narration and experience.

Both projects carried out by the B+P Architetti studio demonstrate precisely how light can be used in a creative and innovative way to redefine spaces and create unique atmospheres. Light becomes the means through which architecture expresses and communicates itself, with an extraordinary visual impact. Homes and commercial spaces thus become real works of art, capable of telling stories and arousing emotions in their inhabitants and visitors.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of B+P Architetti

Project Name: Casa Baldanzi
Location: Prato, Italy
Photos: Darragh Hehir @dubdarragh

Project Name: Boutique Branà 1915
Location: Altamura, Italy
Photos: Pierangelo Laterza @pierangelo_laterza

Studio: B+P Architetti
Architects: Alessia Bettazzi + Pierluigi Percoco https://www.bettazzipercoco.com/


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